La Gratitude Guest House

Accommodation - La Gratitude Guest House

Room Rates

Single R 820.00 (1 person per room) Sharing R 950.00 (2 persons per room)

Includes Full breakfast

(personal discount for group & long term bookings) - Prices are VAT Inclusive

double & twin rooms - double rates apply for single persons


Ausleze Room

Von guter Qualitt, the décor in this room has been hand-picked to ensure the finest quality, experience only the best in autumn richness.


Beaukett Room

For the connoisseur, imagine a gentle muscat-scented, semi-sweet white, with a smooth subtle palate. Experience the frangrance of Beaukett.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon Room

In this room you will experience the touch of intense ruby red, with an overlay of concentrated fruity aromas and hints of vanilla. Come and feel the vigor of Cabernet Sauvignon.


Champagne Room

The celebration room, experience the art of good living in this luxurious setup. From the creative draping to the lavish bathroom, you’ll just want to celebrate life in Champagne.


Chardonnay Room

For the light-hearted, this room reminds of a bouquet of subtle citrus and apricot aromas with vanilla and oak in the background. Come and have some tranquillity in Chardonnay.


Merlot Room

Ultimate poise, this room’s popularity stems from its softer, fruitier maturity. Hints of berry, plum and currant, rounded off by chocolate are the flavours you experience by entering this room. For the cool and fashionable.


Muscadel Room

Pure sweetness! With it’s tea leaf, honey and roses aroma you will take pleasure in its lively attractiveness. Come and enjoy the vibrancy of Muscadel.


Pinotage Room

The aristocrats room, this room reminds of a bouquet of plum and cherry fruitiness with slight oak spices in the background. Pinotage is for the posh.


Rosé Room

If you want to wake up feeling refreshed, this room will leave you with a clean, fruity and refreshing feeling.


Shiraz Room

For the soulful, this room wickedly reminds of unfurling aromas of milled pepper, savoury black olive and pimento spices packed with mulberry and chocolate. Experience passion for life in Shiraz.